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Filling the Creative Well: Finding Inspiration–Part 2

Image courtesy of Kieran Foley and Knit/Lab Designs Image courtesy of Kieran Foley and Knit/Lab Designs

This week, I’ve been talking about filling the creative well as a writer and my own source of inspiration: knitwear designers. In Part I, I talked about the verve of knitwear designer Nora J. Bellows from Noni Design.

Today, I’m planning to wax poetic about one of my favorite designers across the pond. He is Irish lyricism in the form of lace knitting.

Kieran Foley

Irish knitwear designer Kieran Foley blows me away with his intricate color and stitch choices. I’m not sure that I have either the patience or the knitting chops to create any but the most simple of his designs, but I love them anyway. (For you Downton Abbey fans, peruse his Lady Violet and Cousin Violet shawls.) He also blogs here.

Before I discovered Kieran, I wasn’t much of a fan of lace knitting. It all looked way too fussy. His designs sort of deconstruct the idea of fussy knitting and infuse his lace with interesting patterns. And the colors are so beautiful. He also introduced me to the gradient colors of ColorShift Yarn.

Even if you hate all things knitting and yarn makes you yawn (like my friend Robin), you will love the waves of color in, say, this yarn bouquet or the mesmerizing colors in this Clover tam pattern or this Town and Country tam pattern.

Tune in later this week, when I talk about an American ex-pat designer whose shawls look equally fabulous on men and women.

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