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The Inside Scoop On Romantic Times Magazine

Hey Fictioneers: Here is a fascinating look at the rise of romance novels. The guest blogger discovered Fabio!

Writers In The Storm Blog

KathrynFalk- Today we are honored to host Kathryn Falk, also known as Lady Barrow. She’s hailed as “Queen of Romance” and a “brilliant, phenomenal promoter” by the New York Times. Kathryn is the founder of Romantic Times Magazine, now RT Book Reviews. She and her magazine became the voice for reading fans and professional writers alike when there was none. I have known Kathryn for many years and followed her career, finding her one of the most fascinating women I know. Today, she’s here to tell us a bit of her history and how a review magazine works.

Hello to the WITS gang and their readers. It’s really fun being here today.

One of the most fun and interesting times in my life started in 1981 when I founded RT Book Reviews – then called Romantic Times — the very first Romance review publication.  I believed that if…

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