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Heather Z. Hutchins is a published author, ghostwriter, and wanna-be mystery writer. She has edited or ghostwritten 10 books at last count. She has also written three books under her own name: 50 Plus One Tips to Organizing a Successful Social Event (Encouragement Press, 2007); 50 Plus One Tips for Handling Everyday Stress [co-authored with Michael Carney] (Encouragement Press, 2008); and 50 Plus One Medical Breakthroughs that May Help You Live Better [co-authored with Michael Carney] (Encouragement Press, 2011).

Her most recent book, I Don’t Want to Go to College: Other Paths to Success, was published by the American Library Association (ALA) last Fall.

Heather has a Master’s degree in English and has taught English at the middle school, high school, and college levels. Currently she works as a technical writer for a large technology company and gets to work from home.

HeatherzHutchins_pictureHeather has written two mystery novels, and she hasn’t had either one published…yet. Her first one, Discount Death, was a great learning experience, and she doesn’t think it will ever see the light of day. Her second book, Death and the Motherlode, just came back from her editor. Once her current manuscript is finished, she plans to start sending it out to literary agents. While she is getting rejected right and left, Heather is looking forward to writing her third mystery novel, set in a call center. It’s tentatively titled, Death and the Do-Not-Call List.

Heather has experience meeting agents and editors at writer’s conferences and has a complete repertoire of “elevator” pitches should she happen to meet one accidentally. She also has published friends all over the Midwest who can offer real-world experience to new writers.

Given her background and experience, Heather is delighted to share everything she knows with other writers and is truly supportive and encouraging of her fellow fictioneers.

Heather blogs about the writing life at and plans to blog at WordPress about both the editing of her old book and the writing of her new one.


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