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COVID-19 Pandemic Humor: Shhh, I Broke the Rules!

Okay, I admit it. I broke the rules, but shhhhh I’m only telling you.

I was all alone, so nobody was put at risk. I even had my face mask on—most of the time. Just a little morning delight that made me feel normal, for once.

In my car, all alone with the tunes blaring and my sunroof open. The day was sunny and the sky was blue. The first day of May, and I celebrated in ritual fashion but without the air guitar. Hard to do that while you’re driving.

Did I mention that I was patronizing a local business—a bakery? They make amazing donuts, and I found out yesterday that they are doing take out. I ordered a dozen to share with my Mom and my neighbor. There’s nothing I can do about getting my neighbor a job. I cannot pay her mortgage or protect her from germs (shes a cancer survivor—God bless her!), but I can provide some grease and sugar in a good cause. DONUTS made today!

I jacked the radio up to stun and did an exaggerated chair dance in the driver’s seat as Alan Hunter (one of the original VJs—that’s VIDEO jockeys, for the young folks in the audience. And, yes, you can look it up on Wikipedia here.) jammed the 1980”s tunes with the likes of “Rocket 2 U” from the Jets, Prince’s “When Doves Cry,” and Tommy Tutone doing “867-5309.” I sang along at the top of my lungs.

For a couple minutes in the sunshine with my shades on and the tunes roaring in my ears, I felt normal. Like before. Like when we could hug friends and go out for coffee and NOT wear a mask because it’s the right thing to do and the Governor requires it.

I suggest you go out and do likewise—so long as you’re not putting anyone else at risk. Go do something that you did before and took for granted—like serenading the sunshine on the first of May.


Kudos to Alan Hunter on Sirius XM on the “80s on 8 show.”

Thanks to the Donut Drop for the red velvet cake donuts and so much more!


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