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Turning Whine into Gold: The Writer’s Spirit is Forged in the Fire

I needed to hear this message, Gentle Fictioneers, and I think you do, too. Enjoy! I gotta go read the rest of that poem.

Writers In The Storm Blog

by Kathryn Craft

Last week I had to un-friend someone on Facebook for violating my right to pursue happiness.

I can only assume he’s had enough of reading about the growing excitement for my debut novel, coming out in two short months now. Perhaps, after years of trading a time card for money, he can’t relate to what I’ve given up to chase this dream for more than a decade, and how I feel to see it come true. It’s only a book, he may be thinking. What’s the big freaking deal?

I don’t need to explain it to you. You’re a writer.

But under a business promotion for my blog post about a new organizing strategy, sorely needed now that my life has gotten crazy-busy, this man wrote, “Just go get a job!” and “Earn your own money and quit being a leech!”

It’s a head-scratcher. I have…

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