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Guest Blogger Amy Gail Hansen: Top 5 Tips for a Successful Book Signing–Part 1

Author Amy Gail Hansen

Author Amy Gail Hansen

The Thrilling and Anxiety-Inducing Book Signing: Will People Come?

 Whenever I tell people about the publication of my debut novel, The Butterfly SisterI usually get the same response: “I want a signed copy.”

Even my dentist said this at a recent check-up.

It’s very flattering when readers pay their hard earned money for your art, and then ask you to John Hancock it, saying things like,

“It’s going to be worth a lot of money one day,” as a line of people grows behind them.  And that’s why book signings are a thrilling part of being published.  But for me, they were also a source of anxiety. Because every time I booked an event—whether it was at a chain bookstore, independent shop, or a local library—I wondered the same thing.

Will people come?

My biggest fear was that only one person, and probably just my mom, would attend my book signing, and I would forever look like a loser to the bookstore hosting me.  So I made it my number one priority to avoid that humiliating scenario. And looking back, my hard work paid off. I feel good about every one of the 15 signings I held in the two months after my book released.  My smallest event had 15 people, my largest close to 80, and the others landed around the 30 to 40 mark.

Tune in later this week as Amy shares her top five tips for a successful book signing. Meanwhile, go out and buy Amy’s book, Fictioneers. It’s that good. And, if you already own a copy, can’t you think of someone on your holiday list that needs a good book to read. You’re welcome!

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