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A Heiry—and Sometimes Relative—Writing Problem

Here’s a problem we should all be lucky enough to have–HEIR issues!

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Susan Spann

For the past few months, my guest posts here at Writers in the Storm have taken a look at different aspects of the author estate plan. This month, we’ll finish the series with a problem every author faces: selecting the heirs.

In some cases, choosing who will inherit an author’s copyrights isn’t difficult – for example, when the author has a spouse but no children, children but no spouse, or simply wants to leave the estate to charity. For most of us, however, inheritance issues require at least a little thought.

Let’s take a look at some of the available options you might–or might not—have already considered:

1.         One heir, one copyright – splitting the works. When heirs don’t get along, authors sometimes consider splitting copyright ownership by leaving each heirs full ownership of a different copyright. A spouse might receive some of the works, and…

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