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Halloween Costumes for Writers and Poets

Okay, Word Nerds, here’s the ultimate guide to Halloween fun–dress up as your fave from literature. You know you want to!


Okay. You’re a lit type and it’s Halloween. Who should you be? The question seems to be unanswerable, but you’ve come to the right place. Let me solve this perennial quandary once and for all. There are five quintessential Halloween costumes that every self-respecting word smith should know well, and I’m talking carnal, experiential knowledge here. So stop wondering and start assembling the necessary materials. Make it work, designers.

1. An Iconic Author. The list is a lot shorter than you think. Ultimately, the premise is the same as for good writing: you’ve got to know your audience. If this costume is for a group of mainly non-writers, you’re limited to the writing visages most folks recognize and that list is short: Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Walt Whitman top the list–and dressing up like them would be even more cool if you’re a woman. Others include Emily Dickinson and…

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