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How work gets done. Around here, anyway.

Hey Gang: Here’s a great post from Larry Block. As all my writing students know, I have to quote him three or four times a night or I’m not doing my job. He RULES in my genre–and just in general.


CatchReleaseCoverA week or so ago I started a short story, and I put in a few hours here and there, and it’s coming along well enough. I figure another week or two should see it through to the end.

But it seems to have hit…well, not exactly a snag, but for the past few days I’ve been sitting down at my desk first thing each morning, whereupon I open the file and look at the story, and then I go and Do Other Things. All of this, I have learned over the years, is part of what we like to call the Creative Process. The subconscious is busy mulling things over, and in due time the results will show up on the computer screen.

But not just yet…

Today, for example, I opened the file and promptly closed the file, and then I cleared a ton of email, tended to…

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